Features and benefits

Complete solution

A complete solution ranging from filling, storing to application, with a special USB heater unit included.

Precise and simplified content application

Specially designed nozzles for application to all surfaces and areas.

Keep it neat and clean

Because cartridges are filled from the top down, you never come in contact with content. Your content is also filled without contamination.

Reliable measuring

Specially designed relief scale prevents from erasing when using materials containing solvents. Specially designed colored rubber piece for a  precise content control.


Looking good

A must have stylish apparel for all enthusiasts. Easy to disassemble and carry around, closing cap prevents cartridge from leaking.

No leaking

Special nozzle closing cap and piston design prevent any leaking.

Lifetime warranty

Best materials, hand crafted, 100% quality control, lifetime warranty.

Thickness is not an issue

The Patron USB heater unit liquefies any thick wax, oil or paste. It heats the content to approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit and liquifies waxes and thick oils.

Patron range of products

We have created a complete range of products for a clean and precise application of waxes, oils and pastes.

Patron® Eos Dispenser

For precise dosing and containing of medical and food extracts, home-made cosmetics and expensive pasty material. Affordable and easy-to-use. It's made of safe, solvent resistant and highly durable materials.

Patron® Apollo Dispenser

Patron Apollo Dispenser – Precise, elegant and durable. It's stainless steel body makes it shock and heat resistant. Ideal solution for using your extracts on-the-go.  Works with replaceable Patron plastic cartridges.

Patron® Eros USB Heater

Patron Eros USB Heater – USB heater for Bia cartridges. Liquifies thicker oils, waxes and pastes in those cold days.  

Patron® NYX

Nyx Nozzle - special metal nozzle that fits Bia cartridge. It is designed to withstand application on surfaces with high temperature. 

Patron® Athena Filling Station 0,425ml (14 fl.oz.)

Patron Athena Filling Station – Filling station for Bia cartridges. Fast and clean distribution of oils, waxes or pastes into Bia cartridges. Athena is also suitable for storage of oils, waxes and pastes for longer periods by preventing exposure to environmental influences. Athena is supplied with 50 Bia cartridges and 5 Basic dispensers. 

Patron® Bia Cartridge

Bia Cartridge stores up to 5ml of oil, wax or paste. It is a storage system that prevents leaking or contamination of your oils, waxes or pastes. For precise dosing use with Basic dispenser or Apollo dispenser. Bia cartridges are filled manually or with Athena filling station. 

Patron® Basic Dispenser

Patron Basic Dispenser - Affordable precise dispenser with precise dosing based on dial mechanism. Every dot on the scale sets a dose of 0,01ml. Reusable and soon available in different colors

Patron dispenser system. Stores and precisely dispenses your waxes and oils.

Extensive usability

Simple product purchase process

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therapy pack
Patron® Eos Basic Dispenser
4.00 €
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therapy pack
Patron® Eos Basic Dispenser (24 set)
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Patron® Apollo Dispenser
52.00 €
0,00 €
Patron® Eros USB Heater
55.00 €
0,00 €
Patron® NYX Nozzle
13.00 €
0,00 €
Patron® Athena Filling Station 425ml (14 fl.oz.)
265.00 €
0,00 €
Patron® BIA Cartridge
1.70 €
0,00 €
Patron® BIA Cartridge (50 set)
80.00 €
0,00 €
Patron® Basic Dispenser
2.30 €
0,00 €
Patron® Basic Dispenser (50 pcs)
105.00 €
0,00 €

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