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Privacy Policy

1. General

The trader is obliged to preserve the confidentiality of personal data and privacy in online commerce. Collected personal information will be used exclusively for the dealer service offered. The trader respects the confidentiality of personal data and privacy online store, and take all necessary steps to protect them against any violations and abuses. Users' personal information is one of the areas in which the dealer pays utmost care and attention, as it is aware of the sensitive nature of this area.

2. Use of Personal Data

A trader needs to provide services offered, to collect, manage, process and store the following user information:

  • name and surname;
  • the delivery address;
  • A company or. Legal name of person (if the user is a legal entity);
  • identification number of the legal person (if the user is a legal entity);
  • e-mail address (username);
  • password in encrypted form;
  • contact telephone number;
  • country of residence;
  • other information that the user voluntarily entered into online forms;
  • other information that the user voluntarily added later in your profile. The accuracy, completeness and currency of information entered by users, Merchant is not responsible.

3. Cookies and IP Addresses

A trader at the beginning of every user always using the online store a cookie assigned to identify, monitor shopping basket and ensure traceability (so-called "cookie"), which is stored in server memory only for the duration of the visit an online store and expires after one hour of inactivity. A trader can a PC user saves some persistent cookies, such as. identification number of the user in an encrypted form to identify the next visit online store or assessment units, through which the user knows which items have already assessed, indirectly, cookies outside of Google Analytics, which serve the analysis of site visits. A trader can provide this information in anonymised Summary form used for the purposes of statistical analysis. For the purpose of ensuring the security of online merchant also collects IP addresses from which users access the online store.

4. Statement of confidentiality of personal data and privacy for users

Dealer is in compliance with regulations governing the protection of personal data, subject to the privacy of users of its online store. The trader will not under any circumstances without the express permission of the user's personal or forwarded. other data user or a third party. will not allow third party to access personal or. other user data, unless requested to do so by state authorities, if such liability is determined by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary for the proceedings before the courts or other authorities and to protect and promote the legitimate interests of the trader. All personal and other information supplied by the user will be forwarded upon registration in the store, as well as the purchase orders of products, including the content of the contracts will be protected in accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data. A trader of this information will not be used for a purpose that would impair the user or other person involved. Trader data of users will not be used to send promotional e-mails or other unsolicited promotional material, except for those promotional sending notices to which the user or orders. which will be agreed. A trader can anonymised data in Summary format used for the purposes of statistical analysis. Confidentiality of personal and other data users will not in any way violated. Delivery service (eg Slovenian Post Office, DHL, UPS, etc.). The dealer told only the information necessary for the delivery of online purchases (details of the recipient and shipping address). Via e-mail the dealer will have been contacted by users, if necessary for making a purchase online, via the contact phone numbers and only if the registration process or. Buy online problem occurs.

5. Implementation of privacy policy

Any dealer or regular part-time employees who have access to personal and other data users are aware of the duty to protect personal and other data are required to apply these provisions to protect the confidentiality of personal data and privacy of online shops. The duty to protect personal and other data is unlimited, even after the relationship with dealers. Registered users can no longer apply at any store and you can cancel their registration. They do so by a written statement from retailers communicate to cancel the registration. Make statements before canceling the registration of the user must pay all retailers have outstanding liabilities of purchases online. Merchant confidentiality of personal data and privacy online store under this policy safeguards in the event of cancellation of registration.

6. Additional explanations

If you have questions, concerns or comments regarding this privacy policy, you can send us an email to:

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