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Why Rick Simpson method isn’t working for everyone.

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It’s been 7 years since I first heard about Rick Simpson and his cure for cancer. As I was trying to help a loved person to recover from this dreadful and fearful condition, I started this journey that is slowly becoming a mission.  In these past 7 years I had opportunity to speak to numerous patients and almost equal number of ‘experts’ in the field of alternative medicines. I went further and based a company that is trying to solve one of the key problems in this young industry. In the last year I added a significant number of real medical and pharmaceutical experts. I meet them at the conferences and trade shows I visit allover the world. 

As we are based in Slovenia, which happens to be close to where Rick Simpson lives, I had an opportunity to meet the man himself! Warm, almost ‘santa clause like’ eyes. His words slowly explain the benefits of everyday oil consumption. It’s all good, but…! Is he really helping everybody?

Cannabis. If anybody could grow a high cannabinoid content cannabis plant, probably anybody should also know how to fly an airplane. Cannabis is a quite demanding plant when it comes to growing it in specific climates and in most cases you also end up being a criminal for trying to grow some medicine at home. This being said, people often buy cannabis from recreational market and use it to make medicine. Also not a very good idea as growers are usually trying to maximize their yield by using all kind of growth boosters which are not suitable for human consumption. 

Extraction. Everybody who tried or knows something about plant material extraction knows it’s not a walk in the park. Yes, it seems that anybody can do it the way Rick describes it. Once you go around and test as many samples as we have, you see that without the right equipment and procedures you usually end up with a mediocre product that can hardly do any good if not even worse. Harm you. Key issues you have to deal with before product is ready for consumption are complete solvent extraction, sterility, decarboxylation, loss of valuable components as a result of improper procedures and pesticides and/or heavy metals in the plant material… oh, I forgot about explosions and fire hazard. 

Missing components - CBD. When we tested batches of home made RSO products we never came across any CBD or we could hardly detect any. It’s not a secret that commercial cannabis plants for recreational use have almost no CBD in their cannabinoid profile. Scientifically proven and also a very well known fact is that cannabinoids act in synergy. Specially when we are talking about cancer treatment, most sources suggest ratio CBD:THC should be 1:1. Rick does mention that one should mix Indica strains but that is by far not going to result in achieving mentioned ratio.

Analytics. Knowing your medicine content gives you access to measureable results, comfortable usage and increases safety. When you know what your extract is made of you can predict how it will affect you. We now already know what some of the cannabinoids are capable of, now its time to prove what they do at certain doses. 

Dosing. The thing that made my first experience so painful was a lack of information about dosing. A grain of rice has so many forms, its kind of irresponsible to use it as a basic unit for measuring cannabis extracts. My first grain of rice was so big that my grannie never made it to the second one. The overdose was something she got more afraid of than the illness itself. 

What I learned on my path is that patients that educate themselves seem to have better results. A strong impact comes from the mood change once the patients start believing there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. And believe me, there are people that get better from using RSO. I want to thank Rick Simpson for everything he has done for us, the people. He made me see the light as well.



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